BIGFOOT, Malaysia proof

Proof that bigfoot exists in malaysia

25 Responses to “BIGFOOT, Malaysia proof”

  • thranto:

    bigfoot is chuck norris befor his shave. :P

  • TiMeDriFterZ:

    one foot print hmm…. sounds like a big foot lie to me.

  • dltanner99:

    Cryptozoology novel about two boys who find something strange on the beach one night see video book trailer

  • koxiesarmy:

    At the end did he say “got on panties”?

  • Neo01933:

    @thelcfkilla haha he sounds lyk kurt angle

  • t607able:

    Check out my page I have a legit video of bigfoot from Uwharrie National Park!

  • DeeJayDeeCee:

    Press 2 for the best description of a Bigfoot you’ll ever hear.

  • thelcfkilla:

    0:33 click this over and over again

  • dancmy1:

    its just somebody who had a very bad hair day, plus he forgot to shave

  • dltanner99:

    The Dare Island novel is a cryptozoology novel about two boys who find something strange on the beach see video book trailer

  • carcano38:

    Now I’ve heard everything! Where’s bigfoot going to seen next — the moon?

  • RenzoFootballer99:

    can it be bigfoot(s)?

  • alvinngheng:

    Bigfoot knows that humans are tracking him, therefore it have taken precautions to cover its track later on.

    Perhaps when the scientist are tracking his previous tracks, he is tracking them making sure that they could not find him.

    The hunter becomes the hunted

  • jaideefife:

    i,ll put my big foot up your arse

  • rmcdaniel423:

    @12azalkmaar asked “what did´╗┐ this video prove again?”

    It certainly didn’t prove the existence of a Bigfoot species, in any sort of definitive way. But it did prove that something with roughly human shaped feet, but much bigger than your typical Malaysian, is walking around the deep jungles barefoot. Is it a bigfoot? Is it a huge aboriginal Malaysian that the locals don’t know about? Is it Chuck Norris?

    I guess the mystery still remains. LOL

  • fXxuxXnXx:

    Lol its me i’m srry

  • counterclockwise123:

    @kuztoml65 It is Jack Daniels it’s just not in English i think

  • kuztoml65:

    @jdoublep64 The only thing similar to the jack daniels logo is it says “Tennessee”. The rest is different. Geez kids are easily confused these days.

  • jdoublep64:

    @blodgey15 oh.. so what is it then, professor asshole?

  • blodgey15:

    @jdoublep64 obviously not jack Daniels dumbass

  • maximus0307:

    It probably was a japanese hiding since WW2 waiting to attack the american imperialist!

  • jdoublep64:

    thumbs up for Jack Daniels T-shirt on the kid in 0:11 :)

  • SVTsupercharged:

    These natives smoke too many jungle herbs LOL.

  • 12azalkmaar:

    what did this video prove again?

  • elliazane:

    i think is a big jinthe old one,my grandmother said last time when long time ago there are many big jin just like this big foot

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