Are there any good horror movies I may like that fit with these?

I LOVE horror movies. My favorites are:
Drag Me To Hell
Friday The 13th
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Ring
The Uninvited
A Tale Of Two Sisters
Let The Right One In
Rosemary’s Baby
The Changeling
Trick ‘r Treat
Dawn Of The Dead
Silent Hill
& many more.

Can anyone recommend me any movies? I’m getting bored with the same ones. They don’t have to be new, or overly popular. I’m really into psychological horrors and paranormal horrors though.
Thanks guys!

5 Responses to “Are there any good horror movies I may like that fit with these?”

  • Karmine Whoa Oh!:

    Paranormal Activity and Identity.

  • Fil:

    Watch Paranormal Activity! It’s in theaters now :) A lot of my friends said that it’s a really scary movie, and it’s filmed like the Blair Witch Project.

  • Lady Evil \m/ (-_-) \m/:

    Night Of The Demons
    Poltergeist 2
    House Of 1000 Corpses
    Devil’s Rejects

  • mike p:

    The Machinist
    Dead and Buried
    Right at your Door
    King of the Ants (not about ants)
    Dead Birds

  • zalikha anith:

    better u watch tower 13..
    it’s really freaky and totally will make you cant sleep at nite..

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