Anyone Have Any Idea What The Title Of This Book Is?

When I was in Junior High I read a book which would basically into into the category of cryptozoology. I remember that I found it extremely fascinating but I cannot remember the title of it for the life of me. I remember the particular copy I read had a hand drawn photo of the Jersey Devil on the cover, the contents covered an extensive list of accounts with supposedly unexplainable creatures. The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Spring Heeled Jack, and even an account of an encounter with a Mastodon or Woolly Mammoth were recorded in the book. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea what I am referring to and could tell me what the book was.

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  • Joe T:

    probabbly ONE of the many books you are talking about is a book called Wierd U.S. by Marc Moran, Mark Sceurman, and Troy Taylor (also contributed by many authors) it is a collection of Hauntings, Cryptozoological creatures, evil histories, strange races of people (like frogmen, leprechauns of hawaiii, or a reptile civilization living in secret.

    Original theme was Wierd NJ where ‘Mark Moran and Scureman are from, then they came out with Wierd IL, where author Troy Taylor is from, then there are a few other states, I think they eventually want to make a book for each state but are still starting out.

    It does not have the handwritten photo, but it is on that topic.

    but check out Wierd US by Mark Moran, that will deffinately give you some info

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