Any recommendations for a Paranormal Romance novel with more of a science fiction edge?

I really dont want to read about vampires or anything fantasy like that. But I would like to read something about space.

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  • hot_pink_rockstar:

    sry no Idea

  • cheshirekat84:

    Darn, no vampires. I was going to HIGHLY recommend the dhampir novel series by Barb Hendee; I’ve never ever liked sci fi novels until this series.

    Oh, and the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R Martin…there is romance although not in huge amounts, but AMAZING books.

  • amiboo:

    Well it’s not space but the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan is really good. It’s about a psycho scientist who’s genetically enhanced a bunch of little girls and super-soldiers. The little girls have grown up now and he trained them to be soldiers too. They’re really good but very erotic and graphic so don’t read them if you’re to young for such things. I don’t want to be a bad influence.

  • ????????????:

    Well, not about space but “the time traveler’s wife”, is a good book. Basically it is about a relationship between a man who randomly time travelers due to a heal;th problem and his wife. Worth reading and is a bit of a “paranormal romance”, i think!!

  • blonde_orchid:

    try the ghostwalker series (or game series) by christine feehan. it’s not space oriented(sorry) but the ideas are kinda out there on it. they’re about physical and psychic enhancement experiments on people, and how they find each other. i think they’re quite good. she’s one of my fav authors. hope this helps. happy reading.

  • RuneAmokRedTooth&Claw:

    I can’t make any personal recommendations because I’m literally crawling with vamps and werewolves. (If interested anyway, see my blog:

    However I happened to come across a site that might get you going:

    Go there, then select your genre down on the right under paranormal romance.

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