Any good halloween party ideas for 13 year olds?

i already have decorations food and music! i dont wanna have any party games though bc that seems a little childish! im out of things to do!!

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  • ¢ℓαяє мєgαη {ιтѕ ℓσνє♥}:

    Play a scary movie!

  • roxy:

    Put the party games on the back burner for now and line up some good scary movies that you think your friends might enjoy watching even if they saw them before. Give out a first, second and third place for best costume. After everyone gets there, have everyone vote for best 3 costumes. When everyone is done voting, pick who the winners are and give out prizes. If you need to, you can always pull out the games on the back burner. Tell ghost stories and let each person tell one. Give out a prize for the best ghost story real or made up. It’s a start. I wish you the best and relax and have fun, it’s halloween!

  • B.Lieve:

    Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


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