An ET Encounter

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6 thoughts on “An ET Encounter

  1. There are 8 million stories in naked city, you just heard one of them. Naked city being a TV show of the early sixties, they would end every show with that slogan.

  2. I have no evidence to doubt the guy. You need warranted evidence before you can go to trial or make any kind of case. The idea of making him supply the evidence to prove his innocence is stupid. It’s the old “you’re guilty until proven innocent” shit.

  3. He also acts like this is a perfectly normal response once being abducted and as the Travis Walton case was the only one I have seen with a human acting aggressively I feel that he originally copied the Travis Walton story when there were not as many stories as they are now and that he simply had to sticl to his story to seem genuine over the years. He prob copied this story as it was so successful and wanted to create as many similarities as possible. Sorry but this detail gives a lot away

  4. Wanted to believe this guys story, but he acts like its normal that after being abducted the first thing he does is have a go at them and shout that they have no right to do this etc. He acts like this a normal way to act, He seems to have a story very similar to Travis Walton and abductees almost never act aggressively, yet he did just like Travis Waltons and I feel he has copied his story to a tee almost. Why was he not scared at this point seeing aliens for the 1st time?

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