Amazing UFO Footage from the UK – July 18 2010

This footage was taken by Paul Franciosi the founder of The Paranormal Society in the UK. This was said to be taken in the North East UK. I’ve checked the net and numerous witnesses from this area reported seeing strange lights on that day and week. No further info has been released by the British Government to what these lights were.

25 Responses to “Amazing UFO Footage from the UK – July 18 2010”

  • DTraneNC:

    @itillbeme Do planes hover?


    how longs heathrow been up north? lmao did u got 2 school itillbeme

  • Reen1411:


  • TheReddwarff100:

    Come to North Yorkshire moors we get loads of mad stuff in the sky all the time.

  • TheReddwarff100:


    I agree.

  • itillbeme:

    Those are planes in que to land at Heathrow

  • WorldSutra:

    Air-sea – search and rescue.

  • pimple22:

    The people who say these are lanterns are crazy this is the real deal, wake up and realise something big is going to happen, and it will be out of our hands to prevent it.

  • lonesome40353:

    Yet another blurry lights video :/
    The city lights look the same so maybe they’re just planes or balloons going in and out of some clouds.

  • 813az1:

    @portobellogal they are still flying over the northeast ive got more footage to go thing i did not mention was we saw a long white tube in the sky the same night about 10min before we got to cleadon mill we got out of the car to film it but it was gone.

  • 813az1:

    i caught more on the way to the ghosthunt watch part 1.lanterns thats a joke.flares thats a joke.they go against the wind you cant drop flares near an airport.otterburn range is 27.1 miles northwest of gateshead.these craft are still flying over the northeast of england.look at the whole 30min footage.some isa bit blurry because i tried to get a better look at them i forgot to zoom out my fault.the wind was blowing west to east these go northward its plain to see fastforeward the footage.

  • McdonaldSpecial:

    @atomedon yur mom is a Chinese lantern

  • portobellogal:

    @nufclad thank you for explaining, wish I had seen that..I Wonder what next??….

  • nufclad147:

    @portobellogal the story behind the footage is the guy filming it was out on one of his regular paranormal ghost hunts when he noticed lights in distance to his east a short while later he notice them to west over town of Gateshead

  • portobellogal:

    Did these people happen to be at the right place at the right time on top of a hill in the middle of the night with a camera..? seriously curious would like to know how they knew this was going to happen..? and where is it? They sound like they are from up north so maybe it is there and did others see this because that is a pretty big town or city below…really would like to know more….

  • evilfreethinker:

    This proves nothing. I’m sick of blury grainy videos with some weird configuration of lights that go in and out of focus. How many videos like that on YT. Wheres the hi def telephoto videos?

  • atomedon:

    chinese lanterns?

  • solomoon136:

    very much like the phoenix lights. Great video

  • TheRuiMartins:

    it is amazing how thick human race is when throughout milenia UFOs have been showing themselves to us but only those with a scientific mind could really understand what they were seeing….
    I suppose that is how it should be…..

  • zatan256:

    this is just awesome!

  • sambozauk:

    Great footage, and also great showing of human technology yet again. Whatever we are working on, it is probably associated with military applications, whether for space or for our own destruction here on earth :P.

  • mordeth86:

    nice this looks alot like the phoenix lights

  • gracelandtm:


  • jens17676:

    Fantastic! Amazing! If it´s no fake,it´s just incredible.Not explainable!

  • zuckini007:

    WOW AMAZING!!! but wahy in this quality wahy not in HD!!! DAMIT!!!

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