Aliens 0.o?

ive been a fan of the unknown all my life aliens ufos cryptozoology big foot lockness monster etc im 15 i wont a job that pays well when im older like a men in black area 51 kinda job that allows u to find out the secrets of Ets and all that stuff anyone know of any jobs like this.

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  • djwilliamt:

    know someone in the white house to get you in “i dont think there is another way”

  • psychorabbit15:

    You’d probably need to take the FBI route. There are probably other ways, but that’s the first thought I get.

    Just walk up to the FBI’s front desk, and say: “I want to believe.”

  • scienceman:

    if you want to explore the world of big foot and the lochness monster as well as intelligent alien life, then i sugest becoming a science fiction writer.

  • C J:

    Well let me just say, I am also 15 and you need to get a realistic goal. Thereis no real job that does that kind of stuff. To work at Area 51 you need to get a job in the military, because Area 51 is a top secret military base where they test the latest technology. Aliens just happen to be a great cover. You need to rethink your priorities. Sorry, those are just the facts. There is no job that does that kind of stuff.

  • campbelp2002:

    There is no such job. Except maybe actor. Those things only exist in movies.

  • mikey120287:

    You haven’t had much of a life yet, if you’re still interested when you get to Uni, best bet is to enroll in military or physics to be a researcher. But remember, these sorts of jobs tend to be no exit. you go in, you work, you may enjoy it and you may very well die doing it, but if you work in a confidential area of a black-budget department, you’ll never be let out to tell the world your stories.

    Some tips though:
    Peak physical condition,
    Able to work under pressure in any field,
    Lack of family and friend ties,
    Excellent cognitave ability,

    and if you refer to the Loch Ness Monster (as in, the monster from Lake (Scotia word Loch) Ness) as Lockness Monster, i think they’ll show you the door and tell you if you;re interested you’ll do some research first.

  • jame h:

    the guy that said fbi is completely wrong
    there’s no such thing as a fbi branch that has funds for tracking down aliens

    the only thing is to join up on another independent program that has the same interests as you

    again, there is no government job for anything to do with ET’s

    try NASA, they are the most commited to find aliens
    although i warn you the people working there have 17 years of schooling and an average IQ of 123

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