Adult Halloween Party Game Ideas?

We are having an adult halloween party. There will be alcohol involved. This is for a bunch of adults age ranging 25-50. To give you an idea of what kind of stuff we are looking for one of our games instead of bobbing for apples is going to be bobbing for miniature liquor bottles. It will be an outside event and we will have karaoke and a dancefloor. Please give me any ideas you have.

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  • KnowItAllGeorge:

    Halloween dance music below. I wouldn’t do this drunk so do this early in the evening and set it up with your neighbors. A door to door scavenger hunt. We did this at an adult Halloween party. I was 30 at the time. The 50 year olds might not get into it. I don’t know?

    Oh about a costume contest. Give out trophy’s. And a bonfire in a outdoor fire place.

  • Kerri:

    You could also consider a Halloween themed treasure hunt. Check out for a “Haunted Hunt” that was designed to be held during an adult Halloween party. It is professionally designed with cool graphics and will add a whole new element to your party. Guests compete in a clever hunt that incorporates puzzles and challenges, some utilizing the party décor, while still allowing guests to mingle and have fun with the other elements of the party.

  • bob -b- c:

    First you need Dry ice you can find in phone book or a good grocery store.You add to poweraid,koolaid,applejuice.Nothing already carbonated the ice does it for you.And no matter how old you are the smoke and bubbling is cool!Then you need to go to Get some teeth and put in watermelon.Put teeth close enought to hold in candy or fresh fruit it makes a cool display.And dont forget to use some in pumpkins they are the hit of the party since they are not in stores yet!Then play pass spagetti for intestines and small hard boiled eggs for eyes etc.While you tell a scary story in the dark.My mom did this when we were kids and 30 yrs later i still remeber!Good luck and happy halloween!Order soon we ship same day

  • Sarah P:

    If your group is a bunch of adults, consider taking and playing kids games but add drinking. Silly but it could be interesting.

    Here are some
    Eyeball Bounce – Decorate ping pong ball to look like eyeballs. Then have the kids try to get the eyes in the pumpkin or cups.

    Halloween Corners – Play music and the kids move around to select a corner, but will they survive the elimination.

    Halloween Picture Bingo – It’s Bingo and with images it’s fun and easy for little kids to play, other versions available

    Halloween Spooky Sounds Story
    Everyone gets a sound to make and makes that sound during the story,

    They have more kids Halloween games,, and even a bigger list on other pages.

    Have fun

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