2009 Cadborosaurus Video (filmed by Kelly Nash) – Enhanced and Stabilized

I stabilized and increased the contrast of the 2009 video filmed by Kelly Nash of a purported Cadburosaurus in Nushagak Bay, Alaska. The footage is short and is repeated in slow motion as it appeared in Hilstranded. All rights belong to Kelly Nash, and the footage is from the Discovery Channel. I think what the Hilstrands were trying to catch may have been a white sturgeon (as Jeremy Wade caught for his episode at Lake Iliamna), but this animal we see here is definitely not a sturgeon. I believe Caddy is a new whale species descended from Basilosaurus. As for Nessie and Champ, they look more to be a relative of plesiosaur that can stretch its neck up high.

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  • SHARKREEF2011:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston how the FUCK do you “THINK” it cannot survive in the wild???
    looks to me that the damm things doing quite nicely,(in the “wild”).
    please stop with the pokemon thinking..okay?


  • SHARKREEF2011:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston okay BOSS. this animal,matches the discription of what dr paul leblond phd in biology,calles cadborosarus,which has been sighted 3,000 times.in the closer encou
    nters it showed sharp teeth up to 2 inches in length.
    this marine reptile/mammel/whatszit,is and APEX predator.
    i must remind you that kyle nash could see it clearly,unlike the camera,and he thinks its a dinosaur.AND not a beluga…

  • FrenchBulldogWinston:

    @SHARKREEF2011 I love how you didnt acknowledge the fact that the animal could not survive in the wild.

  • cape6000jkg:

    That’s a family of otters.

  • SHARKREEF2011:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston like i said,kyle nash saw the whole creature,IN the water with his EYES.ITS NOT A FRIGGIN BELUGA OK!!
    he tole me it was a seaserpent.

  • FrenchBulldogWinston:

    @SHARKREEF2011 It moves like a beluga, and breches like one. It moves in the same group as one, and Belugas in groups often swim close to eachother making it appear as if they are 1 animal. The biggest failure however is the swim pattern, a creature of those dimesions as you say would be unconfortable swimming as such. And have you ever though how this would survive in the wild? no defenses, and a long skinny body any predator could easily take advantage of? Even if they are in groups.

  • SHARKREEF2011:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston thats the camera.but nashs human eye saw clearly what it was.and its not a beluga.ever seen a 30 foot 18 inch thick snake beluga.?dark grey/black?AND theres much more close up footage that discovery paid 75,000 for.PLUS he told me it had a head shaped like the front of a 747,with BIG eyes.someone should do a study on armchair skeptics because you are delusional.

  • FrenchBulldogWinston:

    @SHARKREEF2011 Theres light coming from the backround making it appear darker than it usually is. It swims the EXACT same way as a beluga and it breached the surface the same way as a beluga. He was exagerating, everybody does.

  • SHARKREEF2011:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston i worked with the guy,and he saw it .said it was black grey,neck 18 inches thick about 30 fee or longert,with a partner and some juveniles.he tole me the head was shaped like the fron of a 747,with big eyes.hes a no nonsense alaskan fisherman who has lost several friends.he KNOWS what he saw
    and his dad was aprehensive about going closer with their boat,because the “bulls” were so big..

  • carmium:

    @GleamAndGlimmer They buy their cameras second hand from the guys who shoot UFOs?

  • Fawful5:

    It appears to have a blowhole, but it doesn’t look like any cetation I know of. Perhaps a type of beaked whale, or a surviving zeugolodon. Not sure about a reptile, as the name cadborosaurus implies; Alaska wouldn’t be a good climate for them.

  • NationOfMasturbation:

    0:12, “HNGH!!!1”
    0:14, “Hihihi…”

  • NationOfMasturbation:

    Wow, waves…

  • FrankyboyLegend:

    @GleamAndGlimmer hmm this is probably digital. However, this is a fisherman so the boat rocks around a lot.

  • FrankyboyLegend:

    @iDIGRESSalot Oarfish swim vertically, not horizontally

  • GleamAndGlimmer:

    @FrenchBulldogWinston As much as I do believe some of these creatures exist, I have to agree. And why is it ALWAYS someone who has a crappy camera that isn’t digital?

  • iDIGRESSalot:

    @hyprvypr That’s what they thought at first, but oarfish are only capable of moving side to side, not up and down.

  • hyprvypr:


  • GothicOtherkin:

    Remember this is only the short clip that Discovery Channel put out. Supposedly the full footage is longer much more detailed (Again I said ‘supposedly’. We won’t know until we see it…if that ever happens *sigh*)

  • RajaHarimau98:

    Wow, so real! …

    Sarcasm over.

  • FrenchBulldogWinston:

    Moron who cannot hold a camera? [✓]

    Cetaceans? [✓]

    Blurry and/or out of focus? [✓]

    Will people buy into it as an undiscovered animal? [✓]

    Should people buy into it as an undiscovered animal? [✗]

  • FrenchBulldogWinston:


  • CamelJaq:

    ……What the hell? Its just black shapes swimming in the god damn water. Come on Discovery. You could have at least tried to make up some pretty CGI of it so I have an idea of what the hell I’m looking at.

  • Octagonapus97:

    It’s finally released!

  • wirosebrang:


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