1980 Psychic’s predictions for 2012 – JACQUES NIETZERMANN?

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25 thoughts on “1980 Psychic’s predictions for 2012 – JACQUES NIETZERMANN?

  1. his hair never changes during the interview, nor after the cuts. To me that helps to lend a bit more credibility to the interview as well. Howard Menger said his alien contacts would return in 2012. Lots of folks are saying similar things about 2012 :-/

  2. Why does anyone think the jeans are post-80s? The stitch-lining? prove it however the case

  3. ummmmm….we had electric cars in the 80’s and also they missed alot of the styles. obviously set to be the 80’s by someone very young if even born then. video style and quality are off too even for the U=matic, which if you ever used one you would knoe would show up differently , especially after being”digitized” and ELECTING A BLACK MAN IS A REVOLUTION??????? anyone else remember Jesse Jackson running????? Pure stupidity

  4. It’s fake to scare pple, they went to great lengths to make this with the right furniture etc his wigs a bit off tho lol……….like the tiffany lamp lol

  5. Just read the message from 6min34 sec on and you’ll know that this footage is for real….
    I think this is the real deal folks…

  6. @TheCnuny You’re wrong! Tthe U-Matic cam resemble this resolution…. Make a litle research and do not misunderstanding

  7. yes, no existing tape from 1980’s would have this quality, and that is a wig for sure lol but then again all hair from the 80’s look like wigs to me now

  8. @sniperjayce Not a soul but the CIA knows who are president is. He might be Indonesian. He did resemble them very much. But who knows.

  9. @radiovalvulado I looked at that too I have jeans from 2005 and they will not pass for 2012 i have about 25 pair of juicy couture that will pass but my other jeans look out dated i love jeans and when i looked at his i thought those are a nice pair of jeans lol

  10. fake. they just found some old 80’s video camera and went to the thrift store. Filmed it with some fake american student speaking french and made a giant hoax. Easy as gay pie.

  11. @jusrayne I had considered that but… if its truly the 1980’s its prolly just hairspray lol

  12. @N0itUL0V3 I believe you because my boyfriend is hispanic he is 27 and does not understand spanish writen are speaks it.

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