100% REAL Ghost In Haunted Graveyard HD Quality

100% Real Haunting ghost footage of authentic paranormal activity in a haunted graveyard. Shadow Figure ghost appears in a cemetery on camera! Also an unexplained encounter you must see!

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  • HCP4Lyfe:

    *spit— he just put the mic in my face– wyte was fuuuuucked up lol

  • HCP4Lyfe:

    shit i woulda gave it to them even if it was crazy xpensive- got some good pix $ shit- and spiy the chorus to Oxycotton(the first one) he was mad cool tho he aint afraid to meet his fans — specially me cuz i had 4 purple kush blunts (from a dispensory that i brought back) rolled and ready–

  • HCP4Lyfe:

    Crazy– I’d bounce tho for real! This aint no final-cut Pro effect iz it? I never seen an effect like that…..-Its real dawg, its real! I beleive in this sorta shit– was the cam on a tripod? it was still… good job whatever it was you got me thinkin-… at first i thought it was gonna be that “girl in graveyard” check that out too yo that shit was mad crazy too- yeah man i met Wyte to&i got to go on stage with him-i just threw him &partee an 1/8 of some purp..it was free so it was worth it

  • wolfgangfilms:

    appreciate it! if you haven’t yet please check out and comment on some of my other videos on my channel I would really appreciate your feedback!

  • CHeeRuPeMoKiDXo:

    that was crazy!

  • sukinini614:

    nice! :D

  • daj4k:

    holly shit!!!!!! wish it was longer

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